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Chief of Police, Craig A. Richardson began his career with the Moraine Police Division May 23, 1994.  His first position was that of Patrol Officer with a promotion to Sergeant in February 2001.  During his time as sergeant his duties included Detective Sergeant,  Training Coordinator and Firearms Instructor. He is a PELC (Police Executive Leadership College) graduate and most recently a graduate of the FBI Academy, Session 259, on March 20, 2015.

The F.B.I. National Academy Session 259, consisted of men and women from 49 states.  Included in the class were members of law enforcement agencies from the District of Columbia, 24 international courntries, six military organizations, and five federal civilan organizations. 

Internationally known for its academic excellence, the National Academy Program offers 10 weeks of advanced investigative, management, and fintess training for selected officer having proven records as professionals within their agencies.  A total of 48,118 graduates now represent the F.B.I. National Academy since it began in July 1935.  Of this number, approximately 16,683 are still active in law enforcement work.


Mission Statement

Moraine Police DivisionWe, the members of the Moraine Police Division, are committed to working in partnership with the citizens of Moraine to improve the quality of life for our citizens. We will work to maintain safe and secure neighborhoods, while treating everyone with respect and dignity. We address every circumstance without passion or prejudice, treating others in a fair, firm and honest manner. We strive to consistently improve ourselves professionally in order to improve our service to the community.

Monthly Police Reports

2015 February Statistics

  • Assault - 8
  • Breaking & Entering/Burglary - 8
  • Criminal Mischief/Damaging - 0
  • Drugs - 14
  • Fraud/ID Theft/Felony Theft/Vehicle Theft - 12
  • Misdemeanor Theft - 34
  • Rape/Sex Offenses - 0
  • Robbery - 2

Detectives Desk: Scam Alert

I was approached by two citizens while off duty about a telecommunications fraud. Two of the individuals had received similar calls. They also relayed that a third individual had reported to them about receiving the same kind of call. I had not heard of this one yet and wanted to pass it on.

They both received unsolicited phone calls from an individual claiming to be with their computer software support office and told them their computer had been “hacked”. The caller was offering services to help fix the computer. For one individual, the caller walked the person through steps on the computer. After they were done, the individual could not access her computer because the password/start up functions had been changed. The second individual said she did not know anything about the computer at which point a phone number was left for her husband to call back. (That call was not made). Both believed the caller sounded like they were from India.

These individuals live in Miami Township, Centerville and Washington Township. I suggested a complaint be filed on the FTC website and call their local police departments. The Miami Twp Resident believed she still had the phone number of the caller.

This is just to pass on information in case you were not yet aware of the new scam.


Respectfully Submitted, Det. D.M. Smith  

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