Station 30 was originally called "Station 4" when it was built in 1981 to cover the west side of the City of Moraine. It houses:

  • Deputy Fire Chief
  • Battalion 29 (the Shift Commander)
  • Medic 30
  • Engine 30
  • Ladder 30
  • Rescue 30
  • Boats (Boat 1, Boat 2, and Boat 3)
  • The Rescue Service Unit (RSU)
  • The Prevention Equipment Trailer

Medic 30 is a 2016 Chevy van made by Braun. It is equipped with a power stryker cot loading system. It primarily responds to trauma, medical, and psychological emergencies. 

Engine 30 is a Peirce Lance Class A pumper. It carries 650 gallons of water, 50 gallons of Class A foam, 50 gallons of Class B foam (AFFF), a 1750 GPM pump, and has a 7500 watt generator.

Ladder 29 is a Sutphen SL104 ladder truck. This apparatus has a 104ft aerial ladder and is responsible for carrying ladders and many other types of equipment to all calls. It has 460 gallons of water, 40 gallons of class A foam, a 2000 GPM pump, and a 10,000 watt generator.

Rescue 30 is a Ford F 550 Super Duty Quad Cab truck built by Life Star. It has a large utility box of it's chassis with multiple compartments that feature rolling trays. It carries Confined Space Rescue Equipment, Rope Rescue Equipment, and Boat Rescue Equipment.

The RSU is a heavy double axle trailer that carries Confined Space Rescue Equipment, Trench Rescue Equipment, and Building Collapse Rescue Equipment.>