Fire Department recieves Community Service Award

 Fire Department Members receive Awards


Chief David Cooper and Lieutenant Steve Sage attended South Community Behavioral Health's Employee Awards Banquet.  During the banquet Cooper and Sage were honored to receive Community Service Awards for their exemplary Service.  Congratulations to both.


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In the midst of the opioid epidemic and the community concern that individuals were dying from Fentanyl overdoses, Fire Chief Cooper and his trusted first responders and the police worked tirelessly to intervene quickly and offer interventions with Narcan, information and education to anyone who would listen and their family members.The overdose deaths, as a result of the collective community interventions, have been reduced.  The chief continues to take time out of his busy schedule to attend the community connections coffee hosted here at South to bring community leaders together. He has offered training to our leadership group and tips for the support staff calling for 1st responders to be efficient and effective. It is with great pleasure that I introduce our COMMUNITY SERVICE AWARD WINNER, Chief Dave Cooper. Please honor him and LT. Sage as our 1st responders with a standing ovation. Congratulations to this special group of people and we look forward to continued collaboration and partnerships. 

IMG 0963 Cooper and Smerz