We are always looking for quality employees!

Part-time personnel are hired through an application process. These applications can be downloaded right here or picked up at Fire Station 29. Contact Deputy Chief Jeff Eitel or Lieutenant Doug Baumgartner; both at 535-1140 for questions.

Part-time minimum requirements for employment are: Firefighter Level 1B, EMT-B Certification at time of hiring and must be be able to work platoon hours (every third or sixth day), 24 hrs per week.

Please review and use these documents to apply for Part-time employement:

  1. Part-time Pay and BenefitsIMPORTANT Change Letter - Current pay, schedule and benefits offered to part-time personnel - for applicant to review
  2. Part-time Job Description – Applicant must read and understand requirements for position.
  3. Application Flow Sheet– This form provides a list of requirements, phone numbers and locations for the steps of the hiring process.  Signed copy to be turned in to the Deputy Chief
    1. Applicant must sign and date #3, (d) on the Application Flow Sheet
  4. City Application – This application must be completely filled out, signed and dated. To be turned into the Deputy Chief with copies of Driver’s license and current EMT and Fire certifications
  5. Personnel History Questionnaire – Must be completely filled out signed and dated.  To be turned in to the Deputy Chief. 
  6. Reference Sheets – To be filled out by reference(s) listed on application. To be turned in to the Deputy Chief
    NOTE:  All paperwork provided will be used as reference material for polygraph and psychological examination.



Full-time personnel are hired through a testing process as determined by the Merit System Commission. These exams are monitored by an independent agency and the dates of any upcoming exams are announced in the local papers prior to a testing dates. The entire full-time hiring process is handled through the Merit Service Commission.

Full-time minimum requirements for testing are: Firefighter Level 1C and State Certified Paramedic at time of hiring.



The Moraine Fire Department and The City of Moraine are both an Equal Employment Opportunity employer.